Here’s The Truth Behind Some Of The Most Popular Reality Shows Of Our Time

Have you ever looked at people in reality shows and wondered ‘if they can do it, I can do it too’? Well, I am sorry to break this down for you but they’re not really doing what you think they are.


By this time we must accept the fact that ‘reality television’ is actually ‘scripted reality’ and whatever we are shown is merely for TRPs. Here are some facts about our favorite reality shows that prove there is nothing ‘real’ about them.

1) Indian Idol


Admit it, we’ve all spent a major chunk of our childhood watching Indian Idol on Sony and we can not deny tearing up every time they exploited emotions out of an audition. Remember, how the judges  had to audition some really entertaining people who would do everything other than singing. Well, that’s all SCRIPTED! The contestants go through a series of auditions with the producers before they appear in front of the judges. The silly performances are definitely far from reality.

2) Ghost Hunters


If you really believed them when they claimed to be the first ones to investigate the locations, I can’t help but feel sorry for you. They are not really the first ones to investigate the location, they also happen to edit a lot of footage and well let’s not forget how they use really simple gags to fake evidence.

3) Man Vs Wild


I know you all would never forgive me for this one but it is not really ‘real’. Bear Grylls is given all the luxury that you can imagine, from hotel stays to good food, he has it all off-camera. Another equally disappointing fact is that he actually stages a lot of animal fights and escapes just to add more thrill to the show.

4) Call of The Wildman


The show used to be aired on Animal Planet where animals were rescued and taken to a safer place but what is disheartening is the fact that some of the animals were drugged and placed in dangerous situations just for the sake of entertainment.

5) Survivor


All the challenges that the contestants had to face weren’t really faced by them. The producers would get body doubles of contestants to re-stage challenges to capture better footage for the show.

6) The Biggest Loser


The contestants of ‘The Biggest Loser’ put weight back on like it’s nobody’s business which is actually very unhealthy for the mind and the body.

7) Keeping Up With The Kardashians 


Well, all those ‘surprise’ proposals and ‘shocking’ breakups are actually filmed several times before it is aired on TV. Looks like, it’s not very surprising or shocking to the person who’s actually a part of it.

8) Bigg Boss 


The romance angle you see on the show is nowhere close to being real. It is staged to attract more viewers to the show.  In fact, the marriage between Sara Khan and Ali Merchant is said to have taken place after an amount of 50 lakh was given to them.

9) Nach Baliye


Did you think all of the love between the partners was real? Well, I am sorry for ruining it for you but most of the times the same couples who seem so compatible on the show end up drifting apart right after it ends. The ‘jodis’ are basically fabricated to convince the viewers that they’re the perfect couple.

I apologize for ruining your favorite reality shows but SOMEONE HAD TO DO IT! Now that you know the truth, go ahead and tell your folks about it. You shouldn’t be the only one feeling awful, noh? 

Also, don’t forget to let us know what you think about these hidden facts in the comment section!

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