Real World Jobs Of These 10 Superheroes From Marvel And DC Universe Will Surprise You!

Everyone knows the superhero franchise is a multi-billion business that spawns sequel after sequel every year. The concept of every superhero franchise remains same. A normal girl or guy somehow gets superpowers due to a chemical reaction or some freak science experiment gone wrong. But before this accident ends up invading their lives and turning them into different personalities, these superheroes were normal people.

Like us, they had normal lives, doing normal jobs.

Wondering what job paid their rent? Here are the real world jobs of some superheroes and they will surprise you!

#1. When he is not in a jiffy he has a serious job to do!

1 flash

#2. Hulk’s full-time job is not being angry, it is pretty scientific!

2 hulk

#3. Black Widow is pretty badass in real life too!

3 black widow

#4. Daredevil talks his way out of cases too!

4 daredevil

#5. Wonder Woman changes her jobs too many times in the Marvel Universe!

5 wonder woman superhero

#6. Yep, he flies for a living!

6 Green lantern

#7. Arrow’s full-time job is being rich, pretty much!

7 green arrow superhero

#8. The Beast has a pretty neat job.

10 Beast superhero

#9. This dude is pretty sciency too!

8 Atom

#10. Ant-man used to do chori for a living. Okay, now he is a reformed man! Past does not matter!

9 ant man superhero

What’s with all these heroes being smart, good looking and rich. I mean self-esteem ka dhajiya!

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