Is The Padmavati Controversy A Convenient Distraction From A Lot Of Important Issues?

We all know about the Padmavati controversy. Don’t we? Of course, we do and how did that happen? Well, it happened because that’s what everyone has been talking about. That’s what all the media is talking about. 


The entire nation right now is talking about a ‘movie’ that is yet to be released and is showing concern about characters that we are not even sure were real. Do you not understand how ridiculous this sounds? Do we not see how this entire protest regarding one movie is hiding all the other important events that are taking place in our country?

This video will open your eyes and make you realize how one ‘issue’ has been created in order to hide other ‘relevant’ issues that need our attention at this point in time.

As we spend hours talking about Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Padmavati’, we fail to see what’s happening around us.

Shouldn’t we all realize by now what is more important and what needs to be shown by the media? The reality of the country is being covered by a fictional movie and we’re absolutely unaware of it!

What do you think about the reality that is being hidden from us as the media constantly shows ‘Padmavati’ as the country’s major concern?

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