Raveena Tandon Shuts Down People Who Tried To School Her On The Environment

Twitter is a great place for fighting in public without ever having to see each other. But when a celebrity does it it’s news, so here we are.

And the celebrity in question this time is one Raveena Tandon. The actress is fairly active on social media, as they all tend to be. Using the platform to voice her opinions and connect with fans. But this also means the fans can connect right back to her, and boy did they…

She recently posted a tweet lamenting the rising levels of smog in Mumbai. Comparing it to Delhi where the smog scare took over the entire city this November.

But people on Twitter were quick to point out the apparent hypocrisy of a celebrity voicing environmental concerns while using cars and air-conditioners.

But despite all the backlash, Miss Tandon is not one to sit down and listen as people insist you cannot be environmentally conscious from inside an air-conditioned room. She came out batting and took down the haters one at a time.

But it wasn’t just naysayers who came out to play. Fans supported the actress as well, for attempting to draw our attention to a problem that will inevitably affect all of us.

Keep up the good fight indeed!

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