Rahul Gandhi To Fast For 5 Hours, Twitter Roasts Him In Less Than Half The Time

We’ll say this much about Rahul Gandhi, the guy really can’t catch a break.

While he might be armed to refute critics who poke holes in his policies and sometimes misguided maneuvers, what he will never be equipped enough for is the sass that comes his way everytime social media gets involved.


Take today for example, when he decided to fast for the country. Taking a stand against the perceived failure of the government to address Dalit related issues, the CBSE paper incident, and the wasted parliament session. Congress has called the fast an attempt to “promote communal harmony”.

Gandhi’s fast which was set to last for 5 hours gained a lot of attention in the media and not really for the right reasons. Because while a fast is a noble idea – a 5 hour fast isn’t really one to write home about. In fact, skip breakfast and indulge in a late lunch – and boom!

Not one to let much go, Twitter sprang on the young Congress leader, serving him a delicious slice of shade before his fast could even end.













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