After 7 Years, This Indian Short Film Has Been Selected For World’s Oldest Running Short Film Festival

Short films have seen an unprecedented rise in popularity over the last few years. With a wider audience to reach, we’ve seen more mainstream short-films coming from bigger production houses.

Rammat-Gammat is one such short-film.


Rammat-Gammat is a simple tale of friendship with complex characters.

It is a story of two small boys in rural Gujarat – a rich boy from upper caste and a poor boy from the lower caste whose friendship is stretched to the breaking point when one of them is gifted a pair of golden yellow football studs, which will take him away from his friend and out of the village.

The 18 minutes narrative short film introduces two young boys, Shivam Math and Yash Patel in the lead roles. First time actors, both the boys from Gujarat are passionate and excellent football players, representing their cities at the state level. The film also features Swati Das (Hindi Medium, Bombay Talkies) in a significant role.

Oberhausen is known as world’s oldest running short film festival and “short film mecca” for the sheer reputation among the filmmakers and industry for its bold and high quality short films and a thriving short film market.

Oberhausen is credited to discover the works of some of legendary filmmakers like Wim Wenders, Roman Polanski, Martin Scorsese, Werner Herzog, Andrea Arnold to name a few.

Here’s the teaser for Rammat-Gammat:

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