Rakhi Sawant Rips Into A New Venture As The Face Of Beboy Condom Company

Nobody will ever accuse Rakhi Sawant of being a wallflower.

Rakhi Sawant


The woman is loud, energetic, unapologetic and whatever other empowered adjectives you can think of. But she is also divisive, whether it’s her body of work or her down with the man attitude, Rakhi Sawant is not one to go anywhere soon, so it’s nice to see her stepping into different avenues, like condoms.

After Sunny Leone and Bipasha Basu tried their hand at it, Rakhi Sawant is becoming the face of the brand Beboy, which will be launching in India.


As revealed by Rakhi in an Instagram video, she’s going to be up front and center while promoting the new Dubai based company’s condoms in India and it seems she’s pretty excited about their unconventional flavours.

Rakhi Sawant


The condoms are available in three flavours, the obligatory chocolate, Paan for people who you trust not to chew on your winkie, Orange and Strawberry for fruit flavour types and finally Oud. What is Oud one may ask?

Some scented wood type thing which is apparently a big deal in Dubai. Thank you, Google.

But Sawant is far from mocking her new venture, in fact, she’s happy to have a candid chat about the importance of birth control in this country and why now is the time to start marketing it openly. In a video about her launch, she says that the public’s safety is in their own hands.

And since she’s talking about condoms, that could be taken literally.

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