Rajkummar Rao Was Absent From Filmfare Lead Actor Nominations And People Are Pissed

The thing about Indian Filmfare award is that it is more of a popularity contest. Rarely has the talent to do anything with it. This is not just a general perception. This is proven by years of track record of nominating sub-par performances in favor of fame and TRPs. In the process, the well-deserved get shunned and sidelined from the recognition.

rajkummar rao trapped


2018 Filmfare nominations came out and some of these nominations are really questionable and unnecessary. If an actor has starred in 4 great films that were critically acclaimed, you would think the chances of him getting nominated is at the least 1 out of 4. If you think that, the jokes on you!

Everyone agrees that 2017 belonged to Rajkummar Rao, Filmfare clearly does not care.

Rajkummar Rao was the star of 2017,  people loved him. While he did a film like Newton, he also was part of a very commercial one like Bareilly Ki Barfi. The sad truth is that his name is absent from the Lead Actor category. He killed it with his performance in Trapped.

The recent list of nominations also seemed unfair because movies like Newton, Trapped, A Death In The Gunj were not in the best films category.










And then we wonder, why the great quality movie isn’t that successful in the country. If awards show start actually recognizing talent instead of stardom, maybe we can have hope for good cinema like Mukkabaaz and Newton to be commercially and critically successful. Maybe then would filmmakers think before making a movie like Judwaa.

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