Raipur Hosted Its First “Garbage Festival” With Stunning Artwork And An Important Message

Indians love trash. Or so you would think based on the amount we generate both in our lives and on screen.

Garbage Festival

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However, we’re not the best at dealing with all our garbage and countless government initiatives and vigilant police officers are helpless unless we are thoroughly educated about the matter. And the citizens of Raipur, Chattisgarh are doing just that by organizing their first ever Garbage Festival. (H/t) 

The festival focused on how to reuse items traditionally thought of as “waste”.

But it’s not just the Raipur District that has taken the initiative, other districts have contributed to the art installations and various write-ups on the importance of waste management. The Kachra Mahotsav even featured poems by children to highlight the need for better hygiene in rural areas.

But the beautiful art installations managed ot be both eye-catching as well as eye-opening.

Garbage Festival


Leading us to truly consider how much our country truly needs to do in order to cope with its mounting garbage.

Garbage Festival


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