Rahul Gandhi Went To Watch Star Wars And It Made Countless People Worried

Apparently, you can’t go to watch Star Wars if you’ve just lost the elections in 2 states. Or at least that’s what applies to Rahul Gandhi. Only a few hours after the election result was declared on Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, the hashtag #AreYouSeriousRahul started trending, fueled by ‘exclusive’ footage of him entering the theater, by Times Now. In fact they ran a special program questioning Rahul Gandhi’s intentions of watching a movie.

What I did not understand was, how is it a big deal? Can’t a person, politician or otherwise, watch a film in a theater. Doesn’t someone have the right to feel better after a rough day? What is so offensive about this situation?

Times Now even ran a whole segment questioning how Rahul Gandhi can go to see a movie. They even managed to sneak out ‘visuals’ from the theater. What in the seven hells of journalism is this?

However, Twitter being Twitter, soon made a national issue out of it, and started trolling Mr. Gandhi. Here’s what Twitter had to say-

But common sense eventually prevailed as people pointed out the obvious (hint: Times Now’s journalism):

Well, guess that won’t be the last time national news is made out of nothing. Really hoping 2018 turns out to be better than this, at least journalistically.

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