Twitter Trolls Rahul Gandhi After He Announces His Discussion On Artificial Intelligence In The US

It’s been a while since our country collectively mocked Rahul Gandhi…

Rahul Gandhi


Which is why it’s nice to see a country come back into its own and troll the hell out of him.

The last election saw Gandhi very much at the mocked end of things. With citizens and the media taking his every word and action and looking for an opportunity to relentlessly mock him. Such an opportunity presented itself once again when he announced that he would be giving a lecture on Artificial Intelligence in Silicon Valley. (h/t)

This announcement followed his visit to Norway for which, again, Twitter couldn’t resist being rude and hilariously so. This means when the man India loves to turn into memes announces his intent to discuss a subject as niche as AI, Twitter can hardly contain itself. 

Because Twitter doesn’t care if you are the heir to India’s longest political dynasty. Twitter treats everybody equally.











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