This Reddit Thread Roasting Rahul Gandhi Features The Most Savage Burns!

Rahul Gandhi is a favorite topic of jokes, and this is especially true on twitter. He has been the feature of many memes and has kept us entertained for hours with his ‘quirky’ persona.

This time, however, the Internet, it seems to have opened floodgates for trolling. Reddit India has a thread called ‘The roast of Rahul Gandhi’. The ‘proud’ users of Reddit unleashed their creative side on there with the most hilarious of responses.

The roast of Rahul Gandhi from india

Here is a breakdown of what the Redditors think of Rahul Gandhi

WARNING: It gets nasty. Real nasty AF.

#1. Effortlessly savage!

#2.Redditors proving yet again they are well-versed with biology.

#3. Are people questioning his relevance or his profession?

#4.Gosh…everything has become so competitive, even qualifying for politics?! Whaaa….

#5.Remember kids, don’t be like Rahul. Follow your heart!

#6.Lijjat Papad is that you?!

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