Rahul Gandhi Suffers From Another Foot In The Mouth Moment Talking About Michelle Obama & Twitter Goes Nuts

Just when you start sympathizing with Rahul Gandhi, he has yet another foot-in-the-mouth moment. I bet Indians use twitter just to keep updated on his goof-ups. The man is an instant content creator on the microblogging website.

At a rally today in Jaunpur for UP elections, Rahul Gandhi spoke about making UP the manufacturing hub of the world. However, his promises were more on the exaggerated side when he used Michelle Obama as an example. It seems all the political parties campaigning for this election are auditioning for their own stand-up special, however, Rahul has his own magnetic powers to attract some extra attention!

His statement about making UP manufacturer the world renowned hub was not the issue. However, using Michelle Obama in the not so well-phrased example ended up as a next level goof-up.  When ANI posted the goof-up on twitter, the folks lost their minds.

The Twitterati immediately got to work… ahem trolling… instantly piling on his hilarious statement. The guy can’t catch a break, can he?!

1.This photoshop masterpiece

2.Poor Obama

3.I can’t even!

4.True story bro

5.Trolling family tree

6.If Michelle Obama spoke about this…

7. RaGa plans every part of Obama’s life

8.Could be true

9.Coz she must after this statement

10.Glass shatters!

Dear Rahul Gandhi, we are seriously sorry for you but you got to be a little careful out there!

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