According To Rahul Gandhi 2 Crores – 1 Lakh = 1 Lakh And Twitter Can’t Stop Laughing At His Goof Up

Rahul Gandhi is the Vice President of Indian National Congress. His comic timing is impeccable! The man never fails to make a goof-up at public events and this, of course, ends up being fodder for those who seek humor in politics.

This time around his goof-up was at a fundamental level, more specifically at a mathematical level. You would think the guy who represents his political party would know his math but apparently, not. This is one thing that is wrong with Indian politics, we have cartoons in high places who aren’t really the brightest or the most qualified for the job.

In a Kisan Aakrosh Rally in Banswara, Rajasthan, he was talking about the Indian employment scenario and how PM Modi had promised 2 crore new jobs. Then he continues to mention that only one lakh of these people were placed, so remaining one lakh are still unemployed.

rahul gandhi is an idiot

2 crore – 1 lakh = 1 lakh

This answer is blowing my mind so much that I shall just use gifs to react to it because I can’t even!

rahul gandhi is an idiot

rahul gandhi is an idiot

rahul gandhi is an idiot
I think Trump wanted to build that wall so we can bang our heads against it. Rahul Gandhi sure makes us wanna do that!

rahul gandhi is an idiot

rahul gandhi is an idiot
Maybe there was a monkey in Rahul baba’s head in that rally. It would explain this load of crap.

Catch Rahul Gandhi’s public foot-in-the-mouth moment in this video at 39:44

Apparently, this reaction was pretty common. The Twitter people charged up their trolling fuel and went full throttle making fun of Rahul Gandhi.





If you thought your maths is bad, have faith, you have competition!

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