Rahul Gandhi’s Name Proposed In Guinness Book Of World Records For Losing 27 Elections

Rahul Gandhi, is already very famous for his speeches and memes, but now the mama’s boy has gone international, for all the wrong reasons! A student approached the Guinness World Records and requested to enlist Rahul Gandhi’s name for losing 27 elections in the country.

Guinness World Records

Vishal Diwan, who is an engineering student from Hoshangabad Madhya Pradesh,  believes that Mr. Gandhi is the sole reason Congress party has been on a losing spree for the last five years and obviously becoming the laughing stock of all the media interactions. Diwan has also paid the application fee to officials and has also received confirmation of acceptance of the application.

Guinness Book Of World Records

In the recently-concluded Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, the Congress won only 7 out of the 105 seats it contested in the 403-member assembly election. With that thought, I remember, how the Congress VP, Mr. Rahul, forgot the total number of seats in Uttar Pradesh Elections at a joint press conference with Akhilesh Yadav!

Meanwhile, Twitter had to say something –

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