Dravid Asks BCCI To Give Equal Reward For All Members Of The Coaching Staff And Wins Our Hearts, AGAIN!

Rahul Dravid is not just regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of his generation, but also as one of the finest human beings to have played the game. A discussion about the rise of the Indian Cricket Team is incomplete without mentioning how Dravid was the first cricketer to have given us a hope of winning tournaments away from the sub-continent.

He is the coach for the U19 Mens Team and managed to guide the team to World Cup triumph. After the victory, rewards were being showered on the team and the coaching staff. But Dravid has called out this ‘unfair’ practice of treating other members of the staff differently.

This, after the BCCI announced Rs 50 lakhs reward for the coach, and Rs 20 lakh each for the support staff and Rs 30 lakh for the players.


His love for the sport combined with his technical prowess has made him one of the most revered cricketers of the generation. Fondly know as The Wall, Dravid has defined perfection and consistency in the best way possible.

Indian Express quoting sources reported that Dravid is unhappy with the decision and wants all the coaching staff rewarded equally.


“It’s a bit embarrassing at times because I tend to get a lot of attention and focus, but it is really about the support staff and the quality of people that we’ve had. I don’t want to mention names but everyone in the support staff has put in a great effort. We do the best for the kids,” Dravid told in a press conference immediately after returning from New Zealand.

His humility has made him a fan favourite and this gesture will surely make his fans proud.

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