How Rahul Dravid Tackled Australian Sledging During His Famous Partnership With Laxman

The test match India played against Australia in 2001 in Kolkata will forever be etched in history books. Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman padded up and walked on to the field, only to return as bonafide legends.

Every Indian cricket fan was anxious and on the edge of their seats as these two batsmen faced the Australian pace attack.

We, Indian cricket fanatics, witnessed the most historic comeback ever at the iconic Edens Garden. Laxman scored a phenomenal 281 runs and Rahul Dravid scored 180 runs, two legends saved the day.


March 14th, 2001 was a day that went into history as Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman strived all day to get India from 254/4 to 589/4 in the second match of their three-match tournament against Australia.

The man himself, Rahul Dravid had this to say:

 “In the first three days of the Test match, we (India) were sort of completely beaten. Personally as well, my form was not good. I hadn’t scored runs in Bombay. I hadn’t hit runs in the first innings. In fact, I was demoted to number six in the batting order. In the second innings, when I walked in, Steve Waugh said ‘Rahul, number six in this innings, what is it in the next innings? Number 12?”


With Laxman, Rahul managed to make 181 runs and he revealed how it really went:

“It was quite funny because I had reached the depths, I felt so low. I was not in a position to think about the past or about the future. And in cricket, it is just about focusing on one ball at a time. I thought ‘let me see how many one balls I can play at a time.’ I was thinking one more, one more’,” Dravid further added at the Go Sports Athletes’ Conclave in Bengaluru.

India won the match by 171 runs and broke Australia’s unbeaten streak.

As India’s most reliable cricketer turns 45, we at DailySocial wish him a life of great health and wealth, and we hope he will continue to contribute to Indian cricket in one form or another.

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