Rahul Dravid’s Impression Of Sachin Tendulkar Is Pretty Spot On In This Hilarious Video

If it’s something about cricket, and even better, about Sachin, India will always love it.

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But every now and then, there’s a rare gem we can unearth – like this epic video of Rahul Dravid praising Sachin’s prowess. Made even better by his perfect imitation of the Master Blaster in one hilarious moment. (h/t)

The video begins on a touching note, with Dravid saying –

“I would go so far as to say, Sachin’s not only born to bat, but Sachin is born to play cricket”

He explains that at one point when the west zone fell short of spinners in Chennai, Sanjay Manjrekar was at a loss and was wondering what was to be done. Sachin rose to the occasion and said – as Dravid explains it – in a squeaky voice “Main dalega”.

When jokingly asked “Kya dalega?” he valiantly answered -anything, off spins…leg spins anything. You can’t miss Dravid’s dead on impression so check out the video below.

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