A Fan Won A Contest On Radio City But What She Won Was More Than She Had Ever Hoped

Ever listened to the radio? On-air programs on the radio, these days usually have the RJ’s holding up contests for the listeners. One such listener happened to be Nikita, a student listening to Sucharita Tyagi’s show. Nikita ended up winning the contest and when she came to collect her prize, she requested to meet the host. Little did she know that from the conversation that would follow, she would receive such a warm gesture from the whole city.

Nikita is visually impaired and wanted to study further. But her parents didn’t support her. But she was determined, so after her parents asked her to leave the house, she had no options. She barely managed to sustain those 3 years but somehow did it. She lived in a hostel and had only one meal per day. Yet she managed to score 80%. She is currently studying to be a lawyer.

Sucharita shared the story through the tweets.

For those of you who want to donate funds for Nikita, kindly, click on the link here. 

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