R Madhavan Took A Picture, Looked Good In That Picture And The Internet Lost Its Shit

R Madhavan is an attractive man right? We all knew that. But still, somehow, this picture he posted drove people nuts this weekend.

This black and white picture was from a shoot the actor did in Kolkatta. But the issue was that he apparently looked way too good, leading people to get mad. Mad that his perfect face is ruining life for regular dudes who might not be as physically perfect.

This isn’t even the first time people got this hot and bothered over one of his photos.

In fact, many stars from the 90’s are seeing a serious resurgence in internet popularity, what with Suniel Shetty,  Milind Soman and R Madhavan all taking the internet by storm. Because apparently, an insanely hot 30-year-old turning into an insanely hot 40-year-old is revolutionary.

Also, we admit that is men made these comments on a woman’s picture, it would be a very different article, but having internalized this double standard…on with the hilarity.


R Madhavan


R Madhavan


R Madhavan


R Madhavan


R Madhavan


R Madhavan


R Madhavan 10


R Madhavan


R Madhavan


R Madhavan

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Mehernaz Patel

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