This Pankaj Tripathi Starrer TV Series Is The Best Indian Show You Haven’t Seen Yet

Most people on the internet take no time to jump the gun and blame everything wrong with the Indian television industry on the lack of proper shows. Millions flock to Mumbai every year to turn them dream of writing shows and then they are tunneled into scripts that pander to the masses.

Yesterday, I found out that Netflix has added a lesser-known show called Powder. This 26 episode long show was first aired in 2010 but had to be cancelled because of the lack of TRPs.

Now that the Indian audiences have been exposed to enough firangi content, good shows might finally get their due.


Powder is about the narcotics trade in Mumbai, and two men who are on the opposite ends of the law – Head of the NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau) Usmaan Malik and Mumbai drug kingpin Naved Ansari. There are twists and turns as both the guys try and outwit each other in a field of work where one mistake can cost them their lives.

Powder is not just a power-packed series that banks on its characters, dialogues and the plot; the technical aspects of the show add a lot to it as well. Cinematography, which is often ignored in Indian television industry, adds that extra bit of tension to almost every scene and manages to keep you at the edge of your seats.

Pankaj Tripathi has become a star in recent past but this show, in my opinion, is his best work till date.


The onus is on us to make up for the lack of attention by the bigger production houses of the industry (which are busy making shitfests like Naagin) and do everything in our capabilities to appreciate fantastic shows like Powder.

The show has been recently added to Netflix and I just finished going through the first season right now.

I guess if more people can now watch it, we can probably ask Netflix to take this up as an independent venture and deliver us a second season? Ummeed pe duniya kayam hai.

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