PornHub’s Traffic Before And After The Hawaiin Missile Scare Says Something Great About Humanity

PornHub, the one place you can go where nobody knows your name. Unless you’re one of the weirdos who makes comments under the videos.



But the most entertaining thing about PornHub as a brand is shockingly not the attractive people having awesome sex, it’s how PornHub chooses to present itself. Cool, casual and truly embracing its celebration of human sexuality, including the sticky bits.

Especially the sticky bits.

But if there’s one thing PornHub does best, it’s giving us statistics that explain exactly how people around the world like getting off. And recently, they gave us a peek into just how disasters affect our psyche and genitals.



Recently residents of Hawaii received a message stating they were in danger of having their homeland destroyed by ballistic missiles.

Naturally, because boners aren’t too inspired by the idea of annihilation, the traffic dropped as soon as the false alert went out.

But what is even more interesting that soon after it was declared a mistake, the traffic on the website skyrocketed. Because it turns out boners are very inspired by the hope that they will live to see another day.



I mean even if we lose all hope in humanity, even if we suddenly realize that someone we love and admired turned out to be someone we despise, even if all the puppies suddenly decide to stop loving us – there  is always a small modicum of hope that the first thing people wanted to do after a missile threat is go to PornHub.

And that is a sign of great times to come.

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