[WATCH] Mumbai Police Bullies A Guy Because He Wore Shorts To The Police Station

Our country has always made us question what freedom means.


When something so trivial happens and you’re made to question what is happening in the country. Then we re-think what freedom means. Don’t we have the right to choose what we wear? Don’t we have the right to wear whatever we’re comfortable in? Irrespective of the gender, we all have the right to wear what we like.

A man, Mangesh Desale visited the Khdakpada police station in Kalyan for his passport verification. Mangesh was wearing shorts and the policemen started yelling at him.

When he started recording them, they said that there are women and children who come here. He was actually thrown out by the other official. It escalated to that extent that they threatened him to file a case. They told him that this is India and not America. Is there a dress code you need to keep for a visit to the police station?

He posted two videos on Facebook and made a valid point about the police being there to protect our freedom and not destroy it.

What are your thoughts on this?

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