A Police Officer Harasses Two Youths When They Question Her On Riding Without A Helmet

Akash Deshpande reminded the lady officer that she wasn’t wearing a helmet while she was riding on scooter landed him to the police station. He and his friends were on the bike when they noticed two lady officers that they not only weren’t wearing any helmet but were also talking on the phone. (According to the rules, the rider has to wear a helmet while riding two wheelers and aren’t allowed to talk on mobile phones – to avoid any accidents and for safety.)

What happened next – surprised them. The lady officer allegedly halted them at Milan Subway flyover, and both were taken to the Vile Parle police station in a police van. The officers had apparently started screaming, threatening them with false cases and it was then when Akash started recording on his smartphone.

He was only allowed to leave when he paid fine for “Arguing”

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Here’s what he said  —
While I was riding my motorcycle (with helmet, license, and valid documents) with a friend as a pillion saw 2 lady police officers on a scooter coming towards me(at dayaldas road vile parle east.mumbai). The riding lady was without helmet and was talking on phone while riding.. (officer name Phadal)
So, I asked her “where is ur helmet” and we passed each other…
After 5 mins she came following me on Milan subway bridge and stopped me where no one was around..
And started screaming “who are you to ask me for helmet”
Later after 5mins of listening to her screaming. I started my phone recorder… You can clearly listen what she said after.
She threatened me of putting in random cases
She even snatched my friend’s phone who she thought is recording her and slapped him
Then she called mobile van and took us to vile parle police station…
After that, she came with her seniors and started confronting.
Then they treated us like criminals. And made us sit on floor 30mins with other criminals.
After which the senior told an officer to charge me for 1200rs.
I asked, “for what?” He said “for arguing”
They took 1250rs. from me and gave me a receipt of 1200rs
I was allowed to leave after I paid the fine.

If you want to listen to the audio, click here

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