These Pictures Are Proof That Pets Love You More Than Other Humans Ever Will

You’ll never understand true love until you’ve had a pet in your life.

Log kehte hai ki sachcha pyaar dhoondna mushkil hai. But that’s not true at all. You get an animal into your life and you realise what unconditional love is.

Most of us want that kind of love in our lives and for those of you who want more of it, here are a few pictures of pets with their humans which prove that true love does exist.

1. Hello, humans!


2. Don’t you dare touch him.

3. That’s my spot!

4. Same expression.

5. I’ve been waiting for you. You’re just the side-chick to my human.

6. Asli zindagi toh ye hi jee raha hai.

7. True love!

8. Pawwwwwww

9. My manhood has left the building with this one.

10. Mine.

11. Jo mera hai, woh tera nahi hai.

12. Hello, side-chick!

13. Get yourself someone who looks at his human the way he does.

14. Know your place.

15. He owns this human.

16. Pure pyaar.

17. “She’s mine.”

18. Technology has helped us a lot.

These pictures are definitely going to help you battle the horrors of the start of the month.

All pictures have been sourced from Boredpanda. You can read them here.

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