People Aren’t Too Happy With Shashi Tharoor’s Christmas Wish And Neither Are We

Shashi Tharoor wished everyone a Merry Christmas and it was easily understood.

Shashi Tharoor can make anything and everything complicated and that’s a talent. We have always been baffled by his choice of words in his tweets. Whatever said and done, we have always rushed to take the dictionary whenever he has tweeted.


The witty politician tweeted a Christmas wish and everyone understood because it was in easy English.

For the masses?

 We love how honest this guy is!

 This is cute.

It’s only words!

We love how cute these people are!

Yeh masquerade kya hota hai?

Keh do ke yeh jhoot hai!

Easiest one till now?

What do you think about his massy tweet?

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Shivani Ahuja

Finds poetry in the simplest things.

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