7 Times Watching The Movie “Passengers” Felt Like A Mistake!

So I watched the highly anticipated ‘Passengers’ yesterday and apart from the great company and caramel popcorn, I can’t say I enjoyed much else.
Major spoilers ahead, obviously.

The most anticipated movie of all time was well, a disappointment.

The trailer does a good job of deluding the audience into thinking that both, Chris Pratt and J.law wake up together, confused and alone on the starship Avalon, 90 years before time. And you can’t help but root for the star-crossed (pun intended) lovers.
In reality, however, Chris Pratt’s character is nothing short of a prat, really.

So here are my complaints:

1. This Cringe-worthy Dialogue
Jim: “I wanted to give you space.”


Good observation.

2. This Wannabe Titanic Scene
An indestructible ship that somehow cannot withstand a natural disaster that severely damages it and threatens the life of everyone aboard, regardless of how rich or poor they might be. Sound familiar?

3. The waking up of Sleeping Beauty.
Jim is a creepy stalker who watches Aurora’s pre-flight videos and reads everything she’s written and watches her sleep before deciding she’s his soulmate. Then, battling his own conscience, he wakes Aurora up, condemning her to a life with him on the ship, effectively robbing her of her future.

4.When Best Friend/ Bartender Arthur betrays Jim.
After everything they’ve been through, why?

5. That proposal without fear of rejection.
Aurora seems to be having a slight case of Stockholm syndrome because she refuses Jim’s last ditch attempt to atone for his sin and chooses to live with him instead.

Jim can then finally put a ring on her finger because, yay, she can’t say no! He took away all her options.

6. Seeing random things in space.
The roses? Adorable.
The tree? Nice.

The Chickens? What on earth, sorry, space just happened here? How?

7. When consequences were brushed under the carpet.
I hate how the movie casually decides to shift focus away from Jim’s terrible deed so accurately summed up by Aurora as murder and engages us in a high-action mission to save the sinking ship and then after that’s done, attempts to sell us a happily ever after.

Also, bringing people back to life? WTF? Is he Lazarus?


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