Singer Papon Kisses Minor Girl And His Manager Thinks It Isn’t ‘Wrong’

The moment was caught on Facebook live video and Papon looks unapologetic.


Such stupidity much wow.

Whenever a talented artist starts showing true colors, it is a scandal. This is especially true when the said person enjoys a great reputation and has done some iconic work. Papon is the said artist in trouble.

papon sexual assault


A Supreme Court lawyer filed a case against singer Angarag Papon Mahanta, accusing him of sexually assaulting a minor.

Papon is the judge on the singing reality show – Voice of India Kids 2018.

papon sexual assault


For promoting the Holi episode, the show did a Facebook Live video with the team. The video went viral on the Internet. The video showed the singer applying Holi colors to the contestant and then kissing her.

papon sexual assault

The girl is a minor and this act was obviously inappropriate. Towards, the end having realized that the moment was captured on live video, he tells the videographer to end it.

At the time of publishing the article, the said Facebook live video was still available on the page.

Supreme court lawyer Runa Bhuyan found this as a blatant sexual assault and requested National Commission for Protection of Child Rights to look into this matter by filing a complaint against Papon.

What’s more baffling is that Papon’s manager, Partha Gogoi, finds nothing wrong with this. He went on to issue a statement saying:

“The act was not meant to hurt the sentiments of any individual, and that it was not wrong in any manner, which is why they see no reason to pull down the video from the official Facebook page of Papon.”

Umm… the last time I checked this could get you arrested. What are these people smoking or rather, was there bhaang involved?

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