This Pakistani Kid Singing His Leave Application Is Cooler Than You Can Ever Hope To Be

We’ve all been through the relatively humiliating process of asking our boss for a leave. Sombre, hands folded and pitifully meek.


As hard as we try to play it cool, we’re always going to end up looking like clueless school children who desperately need a break. But there is one god among us who isn’t afraid to ask for a leave. In fact, he’s doing it like a boss and in the one format, everyone around India can appreciate.

By singing. (H/t) 

Utilising every ounce of his strength, he sings out a very formal letter sincerely requesting a leave of absence from his teachers.

In case you’re a little unsure of what he said – “To, The Headmaster… Model Primary School, Ghorwala. Sir, I beg to say that I am ill. So, I cannot come to school. Kindly grant me leave for one day…I shall be thankful. Yours obediently.”

This video was posted on Twitter by user Shehzad Roy and the reactions are just what you expect. A bevvy of people coming together to insist that this kid really does deserve a leave. But on the other hand many are insisting that this reflects a system of rote learning that is prevalent in the country.







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