The Padmavati Trailer Is Out And The Storm Of Twitter’s Reaction Is Upon Us

For the last couple of weeks, the Padmavati hype has been very real. First people lost it over Deepika’s look, then Shahid’s look, then Ranveer’s look.

Now it’s the trailer.

Padmavati trailer

The much-awaited Padmavati trailer looks like the next definitive Bollywood period piece has made fans even more excited at the prospect of checking it out in theatres.

We’ve abandoned our jobs, broken off toxic relationships and settled down in front of our screens to watch the only thing the internet says is worth watching.

The trailer itself is exactly what you expected. A grand spectacle with glittering exteriors and a story that takes us far away from the present. Into a land of beauty and honour.

But there’s nothing quite like Twitter to take something glorious and trolling the crap out of it. But not this time, Twitter has actually managed to express their love for something without ruining it for everyone.












Check Out the Padmavati trailer here

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