Twitter Trolls The Padmavati Trailer With Humour As Sharp As Those Rajput Swords

The Padmavati trailer just came out and the internet can finally return to reading about Hrithik and Kangana in peace.

Padmavati Trailer

The Padmavati trailer had everything fans were hoping for. Drama, romance, action, shirtless Ranveer Singh, shirtless Shahid Kapoor, dust and Deepika Padukone’s kick-ass unibrow. Fans and casual onlookers are both very impressed.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is not one to disappoint fans and definitely not over the most hyped film in recent history.

The trailer has its fans, it’s been trending on Twitter for over 4 hours now. But even that prestigious status cannot save it from the whirlpool that is Twitter trolls. Trolls who will have their blood one way or another. Because nothing is worth admiring if it cannot be relentlessly mocked.

There is one sight to troll them all and not even the biggest trailer of 2017 can be saved from Twitter best and brightest.















If you’re up for going gaga over the trailer once again, check it out here.

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