8 Of The Most Outrageously Expensive Pieces Of Lingerie

How much are people willing to pay for so little? Turns out, a lot!

Ask anyone well endowed and they’ll tell you that lingerie isn’t something you buy, it’s something you invest in. It’s more than a need. It’s also about the show, and how it makes you feel. And to feel great things, people out there are willing to pay great prices, apparently.

Here’s proof:

1. In 2012, Molly Sims donned a diamond “bikini” worth an estimated $30 million for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. The two-piece, designed by Susan Rosen could definitely double up as dental floss!

2. The most expensive lingerie set ever made is this ruby and diamond encrusted bra and panties worn by Gisele Bündchen at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2000. It’s valued at $15 million.

3. Extravagantly expensive accurately describes this $12.5 million diamond-encrusted bra worn by Heidi Klum in the 2001 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Sad that it’s a little too small though.

4. Worn by Kate Middleton at a 2002 St. Andrews University fashion show, this sheer dress, bra, and briefs designed by Charlotte Todd were sold at an auction for over $125,000.

5. A yellow gold set valued at more than $26,000 was displayed at a lingerie show in northern China in 2007. It apparently took over four months to make.

6. This gold, pearl, and diamond chastity belt was created by Jeweler Uwe Koetter for a private client in South Africa for $20,000 in 2002.

7. In 2011 a red La Perla lingerie set worn by Kylie Minogue on the cover of her 2012 calendar was auctioned off at Christie’s for $7,950. The proceeds went to Minogue’s StudyVox charity.

8. Department store Selfridges in collaboration with Bordelle created a Christmas capsule collection in 2013, which included the “Roxelana Girdle Crystal Dress”. It carried a price tag of $4,700.

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