One Indian Film Continues To Be In This Year’s Oscar Race Even After Newton’s Exit

Ever since Lagaan, India’s entry for Best Foreign Film has not been shortlisted for an Oscar.


Now, there’s always an argument to be made that Oscars don’t really dictate the best of world cinema and it’s pretty much a bunch of rich people patting themselves on the back. But behind that cynicism, there are still excited movie fans who tune in every year, fully aware of the Academy Awards’ increasing lack of relevancy.

But regardless, this year, India had its hopes up for Newton, one of the best small budget movies that have had a mainstream release in a long time.

However, Newton didn’t eventually make it to the list of nominated films. But there’s still one Indian film with hopes for a nomination and that’s Pulimurugan. (H/t)

The film is currently in the running for both Original Song and Original Score Categories.



The Academy Awards have narrowed the list down to 141 scores and 70 songs. Two songs from Pulimurugan “Kaadanayum Kaalchilambe ” and “Maanathe Maarikurumbe” are in the running. 

Composed by Gopi Sundar, whether or not the songs make it to the final list of nominees remains to be seen.

The film directed by Vyaksh and starring Mohanlal follows the life of Murugan who resides in a village prine to attacks by man-eating tigers.

Here’s keeping our fingers crossed for its success.

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