How Opting For Arts 10 Years Ago Is Helping My Career Today

“You’ve scored well in your tenth standard, why take arts, it can spoil your career”. 


I had always been the above average kid in school. I performed fairly well when it came to subjects like Math, Science and English. While the others struggled with social sciences, owing to the vast syllabus, I enjoyed reading about politics and history. I knew ‘humanities’ was my calling and there was no way I was going to study math and science after the tenth standard.


Picking what you want to study is not a very easy task when you belong to a typical Indian middle-class family.

Even though my parents never really had a problem with my choice of subjects, I was constantly surrounded by this deadly Indian species called ‘relatives’ who sacrificed no opportunity to make me feel miserable about my choice of subjects and how it would leave me unemployed in the long run.


Life wasn’t very easy even after finally deciding what I wanted to study because people at school were equally mean. The ‘science kids’ and ‘commerce kids’ looked down upon us and well, considered our ‘stress’ for examinations baseless.

Now that we are talking about this, let me tell you, finishing three books of history for one exam is not easy and you’ve been underestimating psychology all this while.


I am not trying to compare different subjects here. At the end of the day, we were all young people trying to study things that fascinated us and I don’t see why there should be this kind of discrimination based on personal interest. Let’s just accept the fact that children who picked ‘humanities’ as their preferred subject were considered weak and were surrounded by this stereotype of ‘not ending up with good jobs’.


The condition that was applied to me when I decided to study ‘arts’ in school was either to score well without any tuitions or repeat my 11th standard? How is this pressure any fair on a 15-year-old? I was under extreme stress to score the best because my parents and well, relatives wanted to see if I really was interested in studying or whether I picked this stream only to escape the academic burden.

Despite all of this, I consider myself lucky for having had the opportunity to study subjects that I really liked. Exams for me were not pressuring, but a test of my own knowledge of things that seemed interesting to me.

It only made me fall in love with history and languages, unlike other students who took ‘commerce’ under pressure and cribbed every single day of their life.


I write for a living today and there are so many people out there like me who do the same and guess what? A lot of them come from ‘science’ and ‘commerce’ background who finally took the initiative of picking up their passion as their profession.

No, I am not making the ‘they stole our jobs’ statement. What I mean here is, if we are going to follow our passion when it comes to finding a job, why do we hesitate to do the same when we are studying. Why are we made to go through this pressure of picking ‘subjects’ that the society thinks are more meaningful? Who decides what an individual is inclined towards?


We are all here together today and we all come from different ‘streams’ that we picked in school. Despite the same job that we all do, we still have a different approach towards life and it doesn’t really matter what we studied in school.

Education is not meant to be a bitter experience. You need to cherish every moment you spend learning something new and trust me it’s only better when you’re learning things that fascinate and interest you.

Do not hesitate in picking subjects that you REALLY want to study. There was a little battle that I fought and you can do it too. Don’t let the society kill your passion for creativity.

If you’ve had the same experience, don’t forget to share it with us!

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