10 Genius Opening Credits Of Shows That Keep You Hooked Till The End

TV opening credits have everything to do with how the show looks.

The international TV content is producing some of the best entertainment right now. It is not just the evil work of hype anymore.
The audience is moving on to stories that are sincere and genres other than what the TV showed a while back. One way these shows package their content better is by using creative open credits. It sets the right tone for the premise.

Here are some shows on TV and online streaming services that have some kickass opening credits.

#1. Game Of Thrones

#2. Dexter

#3. Mad Men

#4. Stranger Things

#5. Seinfeld

#6. Marvel’s Daredevil

#7. Breaking Bad

#8. American Gods

#9. Narcos


Which one is your favorite?

Even though all of these are highly creative, I have a soft spot for Seinfeld. The clever use of stand-up to introduce each episode in the title credit saves time and is a great opener for how the episode is going to be.

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