‘Oonchi Hai Building’ Is Actually A Song About A Woman Harassing A Delivery Boy

We’ve all heard it. We’ve all danced to it. But have we read between the lines and ponder, how much longer can this song hide its devious intentions.

PS. This article is an attempt at parody. Kindly deposit your pitchforks elsewhere before reading. 

Also, we are basing this solely on the lyrics, not the video. So deal with it.

Now let us begin dissecting the primary idea behind the song Oonchi Hai Building. The cry of a dedicated man hard at work who would like nothing better than to reach a higher floor of a building to deliver his goods.

But there is one singular obstacle in his path. That fact that the building’s lift is out of order.

Now as understandable, the man is willing to go the extra mile for his job. However, it would be too strenuous for him to climb all the floors of what is presumably an insanely tall building.

But instead of telling him to leave the package with a security guard, the woman insists he climbs up to her flat. And how does she do it?

By telling him to ascend not only with his wedding procession but also by referring to him as a marital partner.

So not only is her behavior thoroughly unprofessional, she is making him uncomfortable by insisting that their relationship has progressed to a state of marriage.

Is this how we treat men in our country? By harassing them at work? By being unable to separate their gender and sexuality from their professional capacity? By luring them to our apartments via the stairs and them taking advantage when they are clearly exhausted?

Especially when he is trying his hardest to render the service he is being paid to provide. The innocent man goes on, claiming that it is becoming increasingly hard for him to reach the woman’s apartment. But still, he will endure.

She, however, is no mood to cease her constant attempts at romantic engagement, going so far as to tell him that he is her Dilbar and he has to come. She even says that he is somehow obligated to withstand her constant barrage of nonsensical whims.

At this point we see him sensing the danger he could possibly be in. In fact, he goes so far as to say it out loud.

He even repeats himself later, saying that it is most unorthodox for a woman to make propositions while he is on the job.

Now, this might be thought of as a harmless interaction. But not when you realize that she threatens him by saying Michael ki cycle will run him over if he does not make it. In the year 2018, it is frankly shocking and upsetting that such advances are considered acceptable, or even humorous.

So please ladies, next time just let your delivery guy come another day.

Or cook the food yourself, in the kitchen, where you belong.

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