Here’s How You Can Deal With The Heart Ache Of One-Sided Love!

One-sided love can be extremely painful and it leaves you hollow from within. You constantly find yourself craving for something that you know might never come to you. You get up, get dressed, go to work and probably also meet folks but your mind is constantly thinking about that one person who has no idea what you’re going through.


Bollywood has been pretty expressive about showing us how it feels to fall for someone who might not love you back and for once I can say that they are not really wrong. I mean, not like your entire world comes tumbling down but yes, IT DOES DRIVE YOU CRAZY and the constant hurt sometimes get a little too much to handle.


There could be a lot of reasons behind the one-sided love that you are experiencing! Sometimes, the other person is not ready, sometimes he/she is too old/young for you or could be staying really far away but what is common in all of this is the constant need of company from that one person and when it doesn’t happen, it’s natural for you to lose your mind and slip into a very negative vibe without you knowing about it.

Honestly, I have felt the heartbreak and the loneliness and even though there is no rule book to ensure that you come out of it without getting hurt, over the time I have learned that there are certain things that one can do to overcome this painful phase of life.


We are humans, not machines and it is okay to fall in love with someone and them not loving you back! Don’t be in denial about your feelings. If not with someone else, speak to your own self about it. Don’t constantly blame yourself for going crazy about someone because it is absolutely natural. Feelings are weird are it is okay to not have a valid reason behind them.


Well, just because you fell for someone who doesn’t love you back, doesn’t mean that you don’t have people in your life at all. There are so many people out there in your life who love you with all their heart so cherish that love instead of crying about that one person who is not there with you. Not just people, sometimes things love you back too! We all have things in our life that love us back. I love writing and I am sure it loves me back. You could apply the same to dancing, yoga, walks, anything for that matter that you enjoy doing.


Depending on the person that you are in love with and your relationship with them, if you can go ahead and speak to them about your feelings, I’d suggest you go do it. Sometimes you might have the fear of losing your friendship with them but isn’t it better than feeling suffocated every single day of your life? Also, one thing that you must always keep in mind is to trust your instinct, it is never wrong and if something feels right, go ahead and do it.

Also, when you decided to seek closure, be prepared for the worst. It could change your life either in the best way or you might lose the person forever but at least you will find yourself at a better place in life.


No, the person is not with you because you are flawed, it is the situation that is flawed. Everyone has imperfections and so you do but that’s not why you don’t have that person with you. The constant blaming will only make your situation worse. Don’t be so harsh on yourself. It is easy to find flaws in you but it takes courage to fall in love with yourself and that’s what you have to do.


I know I know, it is not as easy as it sounds but this has got to be the final stage of your one-sided love. I am not a prophet and I’m learning with each passing day but wouldn’t it be better if our goal was to fall in love with ourselves instead of making the other person fall in love with us? Life is all about meeting new people but one must always remember that not everyone stays forever. Consider your love for that person as a beautiful expression of your heart and soul and try moving on towards a better life.

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Do you find yourself lost in this phase of life where things seem like it couldn’t worse? Hey, you’re not the only one! Take a deep breath, cherish all the love that is around you and you’ll see how life is actually pretty beautiful.

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