Once In A Lifetime, It’s Okay To Fall In Love With The Wrong Guy

You, yes, you behind the screen who is hopelessly in love with him, smitten by that smile and the way he looks at you. You, who has no explanation as to why a guy like him would sweep you off your feet. Your friends have lost all hope in you because you chose to chase him, the guy who is never going to match his pace with you. You, who would lie to the whole world just to get a glimpse of him. You, who would forgive him eons of time, carelessly brushing aside all the ’emotional abuse’ writeups on your newsfeed, because you love him. You, who deep down knows, he is the wrong guy.

Let me tell you, it’s okay to fall in love with the wrong guy.

Once in a lifetime, I want you to fall for a guy who breaks you and tears your soul apart. He, who came by like a storm and life took a completely different turn, changing you forever. He, who was the shining armor when you were lost and had almost given up on love. I want you to be completely in love with the guy who changed everything around you and about you. The guy who made things bright when you two were blossoming in love and later it all turned black, leaving you with nothing but kohl smitten eyes and blushed cheeks to hide your broken heart.


I want you to feel it all, the love that sent waves of magic through you when he first held you in his arms. I want you to feel every ounce of pain as he breaks your heart.

I want you to hear every bone of your body crackle as you forgive him every time he has insulted you, ignored you and failed you.

Fall in love with him once and see how it feels when you take someone to the peaks of your world, taking him to places, you never shared with anyone, but him. How carefully, you build a relationship, your whole world around that one guy, who you thought was made for you. Go crazy for all the times he saved you from the goons, go bonkers for all the times he looked into your eyes making you go weak in the knees.

Yes, fall in love with him, the one who held your heart in his hand, as he slowly tore it apart, saying things your dad would never want you to hear. I want you to feel for the guy who would call you “his princess” and then go to words like “Wh*re” and “sl*t” in the coming months maybe. Fall in love with the guy who is insecure about your calls, who you met and gets easily bothered by your success. I want you to love him through days he fought with you just because it was your success and not his. I want you to be mad, totally in love with him as he gets easily pissed off over the smallest of things. I want you to spend countless nights wondering, what did you just do!

It is completely okay to get your knees scraped and bruised as you get up when he finally breaks you down. I want you to fall on your knees as you try to keep him around. I want to see what levels would you take your self-respect down for him, in his love. How you let his love consume you and just when you think there’s nothing more left in you, I want you to put a full stop to it all.

Right there, I want you to push him out of your mind and get up. Let the pain of losing yourself take over the loss of this relationship. I want you to mourn over the innocence that he took away, and I want you to get up now. Once in a lifetime, I want you to love him completely out of your mind and get your mind back on track. Let the memory of it all flood you in and take away all the regret and guilt that he soaked you in.

I know it won’t be easy, but trust me, it is going to be worth it. Let loneliness gloom you, drive away your friends if you want, skip parties and maybe sob all night.

Let people think, he’s driven you mad. Stay in the bed in your smelly socks and don’t shower for days if you want. Cry. Cry as much as you want, for him, in front of him, over him, but then one day, I want you to stop it all.

One day, I want you to pick yourself up, brush your knees, wipe away those tears and buck up. Rise like a phoenix from the ashes of your love and fly back to the world. Get into a black dress and carry your tears at the back of your shining eyes, victorious, for you are the woman who loved and still lived. Plunge back into your life and let him know the power you withhold in that pure heart of yours.


And just when you’ve had enough, I want you to walk up to him with a smile. I want you to promise yourself, that falling in love with that wrong guy was perhaps, the best thing happening to you. I want you to fall for the wrong guy, for how else, my love, would you ever meet the right one? I want you to let him fail you, for you deserve to be the woman with a crown, not because she is loved, but because she is strong enough to love and fight back if it all goes wrong. For now, you know your worth and there’s no way anybody is going to mess with it.

P.S You can thank me later!

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