This Old Video Of Salman Khan Being Questioned In The Blackbuck Case Is Going Viral Now

Salman Khan has had his fair share of controversies in the past. Primary among them was the Blackbuck (Chinkara) case of 1998. Salman, while shooting for Hum Saath Saath Hain in Jodhpur, went hunting with other actors from the film. He shot and killed a Blackbuck, which was an endangered animal, and also considered sacred by a few communities of Rajasthan. The case was going for almost 19 years, until recently, when Salman was acquitted by the High Court.

But a video of Salman from 1998 has surfaced, in which Salman Khan can be seen being questioned by officials. Not only this, he is also being made to sign some papers. Salman can be seen arguing with the official in question. While it is not very clear about what is going on here, it still is interesting to see how Salman reacts to such situations in real life. He seems to be pretty chilled out, sitting while holding a packet of cigarettes in his hand.

Here is the video-

Salman is just Being Salman, in this video!

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