This Old Video Of MS Dhoni Will Make You Less Bitter About India’s Loss In Champions Trophy

If you are feeling sad and bitter about India losing in the final of the Champions Trophy to Pakistan, you should watch this video of MS Dhoni. This was Dhoni’s press conference ¬†after beating Pakistan in the 2016 T 20 World Cup.

A journalist asked about the pressure the Pakistan cricket team must be feeling after getting beaten 11 times by India in ICC events. Dhoni was his usual cool self, and gave a rather philosophical answer. He said that if Pakistan team is under pressure for losing 11 consecutive times, the Indian team is also under tremendous pressure to maintain this squeaky clean record.

More importantly, he said that someday, the Indian team will lose to Pakistan, as it is impossible for a team to always win.

Watch the video here-

This video will help you understand the pressures every India vs Pakistan match brings.

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