No Matter How Great A Camera It Is, Your ID Card Picture Will Always Suck!

The ID Card pictures, suck!

Disclaimer: This article is half-parody. The other half is just me and others like me coming to terms with bad ID cards.

I don’t know about you, but I believe there is something inherently evil about ID cards. I do not mean that they possess you. But they possess the worst looking side of you!

If your reaction is this (below) , you probably are blessed with supreme levels of beauty and great genes.

The rest of us look at our ID cards and go:

Only we don’t look as pretty as Rekha. Nor are we as dramatic. *chokes on tears*

I remember getting my license done. I had to go for the RTO test and wait for two hours just to drive a vehicle in a straight line and reverse it.

Then I had to wait for another 2 hours to get my photo clicked. Rest assured, I looked pretty pissed off in my license copy. Government offices do that to you. Also, this license I will have to carry for the next two decades. I now hide it in the deepest compartments of my wallet (and memory).

This is not the only instance of horrible ID cards. Ever had your college ID? You know the one that hung around your neck like a noose? Weren’t those horrendous too?!

When I finally thought my ID card days were over, Government introduced this fancy thing called ‘Aadhar Card’. Yes you guessed it right, the picture on that is an even better version of worse. Do not even get me started on my office ID card!

After years of dealing with this miserable fate, I have learnt two things. And two things only.

–  I cannot control the fate ; also the douche-bag photographer taking the picture at the worst moment.

 – When life gives you bad ID cards, learn to live with it. What choice do I have?!

So what do you do when you have to live your life with an ugly ID card picture?

#1. Cry every time you open your wallet

id card

#2. Pretend to loose your ID card every time!

#3. Pay fine every time the cop asks for a license!

#4. Get drunk and cut all of them! (this is not recommended)

#5. Learn to take a better picture dammit!

#6. Plastic surgery. Duh.

There my friends, that is all the advice I have for you. Use it wisely.

If you want to save the world from pain of horrible ID cards, share this article and sympathize with your friends. No like or shares = lifetime of bad ID photos. You are welcome 🙂  #ShamelessPromotion

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