National Archery Gold Medallist Gohela Boro From Assam Is Now Battling For Life All Alone

Talk about saluting to the rising sun, India has always stood by this proverb. Especially when it comes to sports, our country has quite a record for leaving its potential sportspersons in their hour of need. Many times, sportspersons who bring glory to the nation are either forgotten once substitutes or ignored when they can no longer perform. In fact, a lot of sports games themselves have to churn out support from the authorities. National Archery Gold medallist Gohela Boro is another example amidst many.

Gohela is fighting for her life, without much of a help from her country. Hailing from Amguri, Kokrjhar district of Assam, a district that has been in the headlines for giving many sports persons to the country, Gohela has 72 medals for her country badged to her name. However, right now the national level archer is struggling for every breath, fighting poor conditions and unavailability of proper medical help.

“It is very shameful that even when there are hundreds of government hospitals across the state, this talented sportsperson, who brought glory to Assam, has to suffer inhuman conditions because no one comes to her rescue. Gohela stands as a symbol of our pride, our talent, and our dignity. The government must come forward to help before her health deteriorates further,” her friends from the village state to Youth Ki Awaaz.


Gohela started her career in 2008 with archery with Sports Authority of India (SAI) in Kokrajhar. In her career span of nine years, she won 72 medals at national. Her medals include 13 gold, 8 silver and 8 bronze medals at the national level, 11 gold and nine bronze medals at the state level, 10 gold and two bronze medals in the district level, among others. She had also won four gold medals – three in individual events and one in a team event – at the 60th National School Games held in Guwahati in 2015.


Her most recent achievement was at the National Games of Kerala, India, in 2015. She even made her name to the selections for representing India in international events, however, due to her illness, she couldn’t make it.

Gohela has been suffering from a rare disease SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) and ANCA (Anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies) which affect the skin, joints, lungs, nervous system and other parts of the body. Currently, she is receiving her treatment at GMCH. However, according to the medical experts, the treatment for SLE and ANCH is not possible at GMCH, referring her to reach to AIIMS or Apollo for the special treatment required in her case. But due to her financial conditions, Gohela is incapable of affording the right medical help.


This is not the very first case of ignorance on the part of the nation when it comes to sportspersons. Lilabati Daimary, five-time National Gold medalist, from Assam’s Baksa district, has to choose to work as a daily laborer, thanks to poverty and no financial help from the government. Similarly, Buli Basumatary, the national champion at both the junior and senior levels, had to quit archery due to her injuries and lack of support of financial resources to carry forward with her career.

“It is unfortunate that many of our talented sportspeople have to navigate between poverty and sporting careers. In most cases, they have to give up their passion for sports. The Sports Ministry and authorities must provide better financial incentives to promote sporting talents in the country. Sports personalities deserve better services and incentives to excel in sports and the physical arts. The government can’t remain blind to these shocking incidents,” says a football coach in Guwahati.

Isn’t it high time that the government and concerned authorities should give back to its sportspersons that bring so much to the country? If this is exactly what’s in store for the youth in the sports field, no wonder, our youngsters would be okay with their mainstream secure career paths, leaving us with no representations at the sports competitions all over the world. Please share Gohela’s story and tweet it so that it reaches the right ears and she gets the right treatment.

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