NASA Plans On Doing The Unthinkable And Probe Deeper Into Uranus For All That Gas

Hear us out, guys. This isn’t a joke.


But yeah, I’ll give you some time to laugh and get it out of your system.

Are you guys done? Nice.


NASA is actually, pakka promise, planning to probe Uranus in the near future. The organisation has ignored the planet for a long time but that’s about to change.

With a new mission, NASA will probe Uranus for all the gas that can be found there. It might sound ridiculous, but it’s true.


Three orbiters and a fly-by of Uranus, which would include a narrow angle camera to draw out details, especially of the ice giant’s moons.

It would also drop an atmospheric probe to take a dive into Uranus’s atmosphere to measure the levels of gas and heavy elements there.


The planned probes would take off in the 2030s, New Scientist reports. ‘The preferred mission is an orbiter with an atmospheric probe to either Uranus or Neptune – this provides the highest science value, and allows in depth study of all aspects of either planet’s system: rings, satellites, atmosphere, magnetosphere,’ says Amy Simon, co-chair of the Ice Giants Pre-Decadal Study group.

Has Uranus been looked into? Metro answers that question

NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft flew closely past distant Uranus, the seventh planet from the Sun, in January 1986. At its closest, the spacecraft came within 81,500 kilometres (50,600 miles) of Uranus’s cloudtops on January 24, 1986. Voyager 2 radioed thousands of images and voluminous amounts of other scientific data on the planet, its moons, rings, atmosphere, interior and the magnetic environment surrounding Uranus.

With science progressing leaps and bounds recently, it’s only a matter of time before we know more about the planet and it’s features. There are a lot of possibilities and it might just pay off.

PS: This is a real thing. We’re not joking or making this up. Sometimes, facts are stranger than fiction. And to help with that friction, use lube.

Source: Metro

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