This Petition Is Being Sent To Narendra Modi Insisting Ravindra Gaikwad Should Be Punished For His Actions

Many people were unaware of Shri Ravindra  Gaikwad before the incident that took place on the 23rd of March, 2017. The man who became infamous for assaulting a senior Air India staffer was taking over national headlines after he was banned from flight by Air India. An action that is completely justified considering his shameful behaviour on board the flight. But shockingly the ban has been lifted after two weeks.

Ravindra Gaikwad

Air India filed a FIR against Gaikwad when he was caught hitting 60-year-old staffer after discovering the flight he was booked on did not have a Business Class seat for him.

Yet, even after the ban has been lifted, there is serious disappointment felt by people who believe that our government officials should be held to higher standards of behaviour. One such person is Shailesh Gandhi who has launched a petition on that insists the Government no cave into pressure from political parties who defended Gaikwad.

Ravindra Gaikwad

The petition, which has gained over 110,000 supporters already, voices the deep concern citizens feel when those who are in charge of our governance show this kind of “VIP Hubris”, insisting they are entitled to luxuries beyond the common man. Being directly addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it should hopefully ruffle enough feathers to make authorities understand the people are not willing to put up with such leadership. It explicitly asks –

“We demand that your government must ensure the following:

1.       Allow the police to proceed as per the law without any interference in this matter.

2.       Ensure that Air India does not offer him a seat on its flights at least for a period of one year.”

We hope this happens quickly though before somebody discovers a lack of business class seats on local trains.

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