Here’s How Music Plays A Significant Role In Heartbreaks And Healing

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? When we just sit by the window or lie down on the bed and drown ourselves in soul-shattering, melancholic, sad music. This might seem like a very self-destructive behavior, but studies say that sad music might not really make us sad. It actually helps in healing and overcoming the pain after a heart-break.


Studies have found out that majority of the people listen to sad music when going through a bad relationship or a breakup and the second most popular instance of people listening to sad music is to overcome the loss of a loved one.

We experience four kinds of emotions while listening to sad music as we try coping with a heartbreak, which are imagination, emotion regulation, empathy and no “real-life” implications. To make all of this less complex, we basically get pleasure by connecting to the music and letting our imagination run with the flow and the melody. We tend to vent our emotions after identifying with the song and then we empathize with the musician which makes us feel less lonely and less hurt. Such music helps us appreciate the negative emotions that are conveyed by the artist without actually having to experience the ‘real life’ consequences of their sadness.

The most common emotion that we tend to experience while we listen to such music is ‘nostalgia’ and it leaves us with bittersweet memories of the past. It’s a very complex emotional experience but is also said to be partly positive.

Emotional experiences are very subjective but according to research, most of the people tend to feel more relaxed after listening to sad music as they try and find their solace in it.

However, there have also been instances when people have felt more negative after listening to sad music during their times of sadness.

It’s a little tricky to understand emotions but you can always know for yourself. No one apart from your own self-understands your heart and mind better so the next time you’re feeling upset and low in life, you know what playlist will make you feel better.

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