Mumbai’s Vada Paav Is Absolutely Awful & People Only Love It For The ‘Aamchi Mumbai’ Feel

Mumbai’s famous Vada Pav, a snack, that I personally believe is extremely overrated. 


It’s been five years since I have been calling this city my home and I have embraced everything this place has given me, including it’s ‘vada pav’ and I still fail to understand what’s the big deal about it?


I understand in a city where time is usually running super fast because well, it doesn’t want to miss the local train either, something that is quick and filling does sound like a good idea. Vada Pavs are available on the go and well, they work really fine for a quick snack and also because of their size and lack of chutney, it is also easy to travel while you finish your vada pav for breakfast.


Personally, coming from North India, we have different definitions of ‘yummy snacks’ and Mumbai Vada Pav definitely does not fit in it. I think it’s nothing more than just an average aloo bonda with pav that is not even toasted and let’s not even talk about the ‘sookha chatni’.


I have had Vada Pav back at home and that is what I’d call a ‘YUMMY’ snack. The crispy ‘aloo bonda’ put inside two toasted buns covered with tamarind and coriander chatni and deep-friend green chilly to go with that. Now, that’s what we call a Vada Pav.

Mumbaikars, how about you step out, try a different variety of Vada Pav and modify the one that you guys make accordingly?

Please tell me I am not the only one who thinks Mumbai’s favorite snack is overrated? If you think the same, we can talk about it in the comment section!

If you disagree with me, WHY DON’T YOU GO EAT YOUR VADA PAV!

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