Mumbai Is Officially One Of The Least Affordable Cities In The World and We Aren’t Even Surprised

Mumbai is the city of dreams and living there surely comes with a hefty price tag.


Every single day there are so many people who leave their hometowns to settle in big towns. The big cities that don’t let them sleep and also burn big holes in their pockets with the expenses. Mostly, the opportunities make up for what they go through. Mumbai is the only Indian city to make it to the list of the least affordable cities.

Renting a three-bedroom home in any of the 105 metropolitan areas ranked by the Bloomberg Global City Housing Affordability Index. Apparently, you shouldn’t be spending more than 28% of your income on housing costs. And no, we’re not kidding.


Only emerging economies have made it to the list of least affordable housing. The top two cities are from Ukraine, 20 belong to Asia, and 6 in Latin America. The least affordable city in the world is London with rent and mortgage equaling 135 % of the monthly net income.

In Mumbai on the other hand, the rent and mortgage equal 151% of the monthly net salary. 


In case you’re wondering which ones are the most affordable places:


Well, are you moving?

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