This Video Of A Mumbai Local Train Arriving At A Station Shows How Chaotic The Rains Are!

Mumbai monsoons are known to be very unpredictable and created a lot of chaos and trouble for the locals. The roads get clogged and the traffic is never-ending and lets not even talk about the suffering of people who take the local trains for traveling. For those who have never been to Mumbai, this city has a lifeline that is called ‘Mumbai Locals’.

Nearly 70 lakh people board these trains every day and their life came to a stand-still when the rains suddenly hit Mumbai, two days back.

This video was uploaded on Facebook by Myron Anthony on Facebook and it’s a clear proof of how the rains bring the city of dreams to a halt. This is what Anthony captioned the video- “Rail Grandprix – R1 – Schumacher Motorman at Nalasopara station today afternoon.”

A lot of people were amazed at the sight and called it ‘Epic’ while a few were concerned about the safety of passengers standing on the platform.

The video was recorded at the Nalasupara station in Mumbai and that train journey looks no less than an adventure ride. However, it must be noted that such incidents cannot be taken lightly and one must ensure that even during the rain, the passengers are safe.

The rains seemed to have stopped now and well, Mumbai is witnessing a bright sunny morning, also, let’s not jinx it because you never know when the rains just randomly decided to turn up!

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