Mumbai Girl’s Post About Getting Over A Breakup Is Exactly What Our Generation Needs

Today’s generation is caught amidst chaos and their search for peace and it is very hard to find individuals who dare to take the journey of self-awareness. We all have our own dreams that we chase every single day and it is difficult to find time for an intrapersonal communication but what we don’t realize is that the peace that we are looking out is within us and not in what or who we are chasing. It is okay to feel lost, hurt and broken but what matters is that you acknowledge all of this and stand back again embracing life. It is difficult to smile on every winter morning but one can always try and it starts by loving your own-self.

Between all this chaos, Humans of Bombay posted a story of a young girl whose journey to self-discovery is worth the read. Her story is relatable because she happens to be just like all of us. She got her heart broken too but instead of losing herself in depression, she decided to do what most of us wouldn’t think of. She decided to question herself and find answers within instead of questioning the external factors.


“Have you had an experience that changed you?”
“During my Vipassana course in 2012, I came across a Chinese lady with a shiny, clean shaven head. She looked so cute and badass — I wondered whether I could ever pull off something like that, because I really loved how it looked. Somehow though, I had the fear that if I did it, people would look at me in a different way — my boyfriend, family and friends. 
Cut to 2017, after my post graduation when I was devastated because of a break up. It was one of those times where you go through insecurity and wonder, ‘what’s wrong with me?’. It was during this time that I went for a solo trip to Himachal and really began to soul search and look for answers. When I got to the McLeod Ganj Mountains, I got off the bus and headed straight to the nearest barber — I asked him to shave all my hair off. He looked at me in disbelief because I had really long, thick, beautiful hair — but on my insistence, he went on to do it. For the next few days, I was in the mountains, meditating, just by myself and I experienced a high like never before — I felt free and liberated. 
It changed my life — I found answers and peace within me. Shaving my head wasn’t a haphazard decision that I took over night — it was something I needed to do for ME. It symbolized leaving my old thoughts, grudges, negative and self-destructive patterns behind. For me, those days of soul searching were the most precious — I looked in the mirror and loved myself. I found myself beautiful and didn’t need any external validation for it. I left the mountains, a new person and then came back home to a mixed reaction. People asked me if I was a lesbian, I had a disease or if someone had passed away — but it didn’t phase me…I was too busy in love with myself to really bother!”
“What’s the biggest answer you got during this journey?”
“That sometimes pain is comfortable. We stay in a particular situation or go back to the past, only because it’s comfortable — but to hold onto the past, is to hold on to a ghost and the truth is right there, but we choose not to see it and that is to let it all go. Accept, embrace and let it pass, but more importantly love yourself FIERCELY through it all, because that’s when you need it the most.”

With so much going around us and so many modes of communication, we forget the most important person that we need to communicate with and that is OUR OWN-SELF.


What do you think about this wonderful step that this young girl took in order to get her life in peace? Don’t you believe in the power of self-love now? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!

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