Mukkabaaz Actor Vineet Kumar’s 17-Year Long Struggle To Land A Lead Role Is Heartbreaking

Anurag Kashyap’s latest movie, Mukkabaaz, has been loved and is being appreciated for its bold take on issues like cow-vigilantism, mob lynching, and casteism. It’s the kind of movie that should be watched by everyone. It is inspiring on some levels and shows us a reality in its true colours. The story of the lead actor Vineet Kumar Singh is equally inspiring. Vineet also wrote the original story for the movie but said that the movie had different layers because of Anurag.


In an exclusive interview with Hindustan Times, Vineet said,

“I knew about the politics, caste bias and power struggles in sports associations but the other socio-political angles are completely Anurag sir’s. I had seen such sportsmen very closely as I have played basketball at the national level.

After Ugly, I started getting similar roles so I thought of writing. People only talk about winners but I wanted to talk about the talented sportsmen who never make it because of various reasons — be it politics or ego clash. I have seen how coaches force trainees to do their household chores.”


He struggled in the film industry for 17 years. To that Vineet said,

“It was both struggle and development. The journey was a bit longer than I expected. I came to Mumbai to participate in a talent hunt in 2000. I won the competition, got the movie Pitaah and I thought I would be made once the film released.

The film released and flopped. I was not prepared for the failure. Things I had never imagined were happening to me. I had no godfathers in the industry. The people I knew were either doctors or players.


Remembering his days of struggles, Vineet says, “I used to sneak into Poddar Medical College and live there. I would sneak up to the terrace when someone came to check and Mumbai rains were always an issue. I used to skip a roti to ensure I had money for the local train ticket.


“While my classmates were shifting to Europe or opening their own hospitals, I was struggling in Mumbai. My father used to say ‘Hariyo na himmat bisariyo na ram naam’. Little did he know I would apply it in my own life. Luckily, I approached Anurag at the time when he was casting for Gangs of Wasseypur. He asked me why I hadn’t approached him earlier. I said ‘aap kaam dete medical degree pe?’ He started laughing and said ‘accha Kiya’ ”

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